About OMEGAz


OMEGAz is a side-scroller shooter laid out as a classic 6 stage arcade fighting game.
The game can be described as a hybrid of Rise of The Triad (2013) and SoulCalibur IV

Set in the year of 2020, OMEGAz is a charming absurd tale about an american dystopic totalitarian city oppressed by Proioxis; a security company run by fanatics.
Citizens who dress in a provocative way, voice an unpopular opinion or are in any way "counter-productive" to the fanatic's ideals, are punished violently.
Immigrant Kinsaku is tired of it, and on one fateful night, she breaks into their HQ to save her friend. The time for diplomacy is over.

OMEGAz aims to create a transgressive epic with solid gameplay-design crafted by passionate artists with professional background. We want people to experience a dark
story about totalitarianism, told with absurd humor. OMEGAz is a breath of fresh air wich is proud to show you the thoughts you are not supposed to have today.

- Disguises and power-suits
- Stealth segments
- Guns with joystick-controlled bullets
- A gameplay-design wich goes against cliches