What platform will the game be for?

It will be a digitally distributed Windows PC game, with Steam as goal 


What player-modes are there? 

The game is a single-player, story-driven experience 



What genre(s) will the game be?

Side-scroller, shooter, horror, action, 2D, comedy, satire, science-fiction 


Target audience?

18+ audiences who like 2D games, shooters, graphic violence, horror
and absurd childish humour. If you liked Rise of The Triad (2013)
and the South Park games then this is for you 


How can we help you?

Spread the word, follow director Drakensson on Twitter or
contact him at sondredra@live.no for interviews or additional questions and conversations


Who are you guys?

The development team for OMEGAz is formed of talents with professional
background who delivers commercial quality. Our current team-members are:

Faisal Saraban
- Character artist & animator

Sebastian Kretzschmar - Composer

Jake Lefkowitz - Composer

Khoa tran Nguyen - Composer

Sondre Drakensson - Game director 
Environmental artist  and voice actors TBC